The American Blood That Bleeds


A uniform in black, my American blood bleeds red
If I can't save the world, then I'd rather be dead
My heart is my weapon, and these words will be shed
My wallet speaks money, but my community needs bread

I live a life of love, but the world feels so cold
Only those who dream, will be the people called bold
I dream of the future, but will my story unfold?
I want to break the mold, but my contract has been sold


I’m need more of this pay, free the minimum wage slave

I want everyone to say, this girl can be president one day

Look this at this girl, maybe being gay is okay

Look at this world, maybe all this pain will wash away

A four year degree, to my career is the key
Out of all of the students, can I set myself free?
Stop the tv screen, I won't be like other teens
I want to scream, but I can't shake these dreams

Black covered robes, twisting the tassel to the right
I work with all my might, to my last breath I'll fight
My family, my love, my dark, my light
I will never let my future out of my sight


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