This is for Amanda Todd

This is for Amanda Todd, a girl who died to young,
a girl who thought no one cared, a girl who made one mistake she couldn't change,
a girl who helped make bullying known.
She was a girl who was stalked, beat up, and followed because of one mistake.
So she flashed some people,
young people make stupid mistakes like that,
it's not her fault some weird stalker was watching her.
Amanda Todd I'm sorry,
sorry no one helped you,
sorry no one stood up for you ,
sorry some boy was a dick and made you have sex with him,
and most of all, I'm sorry no one can find that creep who stalked you.
This is a message to the creepy stalker who ruined your life.
If you're listening, what the HELL is WRONG with you,
going after an 8th grader taking a picture of her breasts and following her around with it for over 2 years.
You're parents must be so proud,
you're lucky you haven't been caught because if it were up to me you would get the death sentence.
You think that's harsh HA,
this coming from the guy hiding behind a phone screen ruining a young girls life, causing her to kill herself,
because you must be some sick pathetic FUCK if you can stomach that.
This is a message to the boy and the kids that helped hurt her,
there must be something wrong with you as well.
Why did you beat her up?
Random girl, you should have beat up your boyfriend for making her sleep with him. Honestly I don't get how you live with  the fact that you people hurt her so bad,
she had to die to get rid of the pain,
and if you're happy I don't have anything else to say to you because
you're pathetic,
if that doesn't cause you're chest an unforgettable pain then what will?
Amanda Todd we will not forget you.
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