Am I Who I say I Am?

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 12:08 -- jdarby


Looking into who I am

The biggest mystery of all

Who I am

Is someone who’s afraid to fall

Fear has its reigns on me

While I’m wishing to just be

I’m scared of taking risks

Scared of being left out

Scared of what people say about me

Fear is a crippling venom

In fact, one of my worst fears is that I’ll never make it to heaven

And yet looking at who I present myself as

No one would ever guess

That the calm collected

A grin on his face

Intelligent, strong, and sophisticated young man

Could ever be lost without a plan

And yet I am

My life is one big what if I do

And what if I don’t

What do I have to worry about today

And it’s there that I just want someone to say

That for once, it’ll be okay

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