I'm different, thats ok, thats good,
That means i know what's understood,
But how different do you have to be to considered crazy?
I just think other people are wrong, 
Because I like to do my own thing and maybe this society isn't where i belong,
Why even enforce "Everyone is equal" when well judge for the little things,
I just have to know because for all you know, i could have wings 
Why do others call me weird when no one is truly normal?
Because in my mind "normal" means all equal.
Do you call me weird because I talk about my lost more than gain?
Because thats what it means to complain,
Is it because i begged you to stay?
You know too many people already try to move away,
Is it because I wore sleeves over the past?
Its a phase, please don't ask,
Is it because I make comments about feeling ignored?
Well thats not fair, next you'll say i should be in a psych ward.
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