Am I Good Enough?

Am I good enough?

Yes of course,

But oh would short hair look so good on you.

Your clothes are nice,

But you should totally wear blue more often.

It’ll bring out your eyes.

Your bedroom is cute,

Maybe just take down those posters..?

They’re kind of childish.

Am I good enough?

To do what I want?

Am I good enough for you,

Without the short hair,

And without the blue clothes?
Will you finally notice me once I take those posters down?
Or wear those stupid heels?
Maybe this flashy makeup will draw your attention?
Or this low cut shirt?
This isn’t me though.

It’s not the nerdy, art lover I used to be.

It’s a mask.

I’m hidden away,

Locked behind fake eyelashes and short hair.

Locked away from the world to see.

The art on the walls soon turned to mirrors and pictures of friends.

Pictures of people who are not my friends.

People who have ruined me.

Shattered my creativity and beauty.

A snake who ruined me.

Who made me believe I'm not good enough.

Am I good enough?
Yes I am.

And you are too.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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