Always In Between

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 21:01 -- Sashamp

Dear Erin,


I am writing to you again with honesty. I want you to know I forgive your behavior if that so releases some of your guilt. I meant every word I said in my letter before and the same goes now. I will always care for you. I wish you the utter best, because I know you have the potential to be a good person. I know that you fall for people fast and you use the words "I love you" to show that. But I believe you don't love yourself enough, and so you try to love others the way you want to be loved. You try to heal them and give them what you cannot really give as some sort of coping mechanism. If you keep doing that you may always be in pain and so will the other person. You should love yes, but you should love yourself more. I believe you feel you are missing something essential that makes you whole. It is not a love of another being, what is missing is yourself. You have yet to find her and are struggling, I understand. But one day you will find more of yourself than you realize. It all starts on the journey of isolation. You see in my pain I found a lot of myself and still am discovering my future self. From one sad soul to another this is the advice I bestow to you from my heart. 


Let go of what you cannot change, learn to breathe even through the heavy air, celebrate little victories and love the beauty of those good days, and learn to appreciate what it means to be you. I know you are capable of this great feat with time. If you ever find yourself feeling low I hope this letter will comfort you in those moments. I remember once you said to me, "I would fight the whole damn world for you." I have never forgotten— but you should fight the whole damn world for yourself. Every person must fight the whole damn world on their own really, no matter how many loved ones and friends they may have.


Remember, I will love you despite the pain in some part of my heart you shall always remain. 



An in between love


This poem is about: 



This poem is about someone I still care for, but no longer speak to. I wrote this to her long ago as a way to jot down my emotions.


A poem about toxic relationships.

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