Alone In a Crowded Room


You can see me smile. And think I'm okay. But I'm not. Can't you see? I'm an enemy to myself. And everyday I wish I wasn't here. I try everything I can to be what everyone else can be. But my mind conquers what I could do to make you proud of me. You see me speak to others, as if I'm care free. But I'm lost and alone. Full of faces I don't truly know. I stare at myself and think why can't I be like them? I'm ashamed of everything I do, knowing it's not good enough for you. It's not good enough for anyone. There's so many others surrounding me. But I still feel alone, and oh so empty. I think I understand, but I never quite make it. I'm a goddamn failure. I break down so easily, I long for redemption, of all my happiness that I don't care to mention anymore. You can see that I'm not what you want me to be. I'm only a shadow compared to them. The rooms are full of people that don't see what's underneath. A mask of what I let people see. A view of only an average girl. I'll always have someone. I'll have more than your views. But I'll always be alone in a crowded room.

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I love this it is fantastic

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