I’m so confused

I don’t know which path is right.

Should I stay mad or feel glad

I don’t understand my emotions.

There scrambled, and broken.


I feel so lonely

Am I the only one that feels this way?

I get mad when something is my fault

I turn down opportunities that have been given to me

Then cry when they're gone

When will my mind get straight


I know I’m smart, kind, and silly

But it never shows at the right time

Does anyone feel this way?

They must not because all I hear is the painful silence

Why am I so alone?


I have no one to talk to

No one but the person inside my head

No one gets it!

My emotions hold me down, my paperweight on life

Their so tangled that I get headaches

I can’t seem to do anything but cry


I’m alone

I don’t think anyone can change this

I’m so confused

I don’t which is the real me


I’m alone


-Aiyana Poe


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