A room as empty as the heart 

SHots of pain like a dart

EMotions ragging in

THinking of a deadly sin

Water lays on his face

Not wanting ro leave a trace

Roarig coming from the window besides him

A light in the room that is dim

Bullet sounds follow the roar

His heart wanting more and more

Scratching a his head

Looking at his messy bed

A light shined in the room slowly

As if it was something holy

He felt a lift from his bas emotion

Soaked in holy saintful lotion

He wasn't the only one there

He felt as if someone did care

His sinful thought was a memory

The mirror was his own enemy

Holding hands he felt the air lift him 

His bight light grew more than dim

At peace is what he now owned

He now knows he's never alone



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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