Tue, 07/08/2014 - 00:21 -- emmuh

We're all fucking alone and

I hate being reminded of it.


Leave me

And then come back

showing me pictures and

videos of you without me.


Leave me

And then never reply to my

calls, texts, messages...


Claim me

And then neglect and

forget me, as if I'm always

having my own fun.


Cling on to me

when I invited you to

grow up with me

and branch out holding

hands, but instead

plant your feet in the

ground and refuse to

mature and let us grow.


Why do you do

these if it only

hurts me worse?

Why do you rub

it in my face?

Why do you pretend?

Why do you assume?


Fuck you.

We're all a little alone;

but you make me

a lot alone.


And bleeding.


Bleeding. Alone.

Left to ___.



 March 23 2013



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