Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:50 -- 14akern


You whisper the words

The aching of heart

Hidden tears etched into soul

Caverns of desperation

Pillaged of joy

“What is the source of your pain?” I wail

Divided soul

Divided life

Can’t stand it any longer.

Blood throbbing, now cold.

No hope. No life.

You now declare, “I am the Dead.”


I stand here alone

You gave up.

Your pain is now mine.


I whisper the words

My heart aches as yours

Hidden tears etched into soul

You who were once pillaged, now stand to pillage

A thief, a common highwayman

You steal what no other could

My joy, my heart, my love

You wasted, you killed


Now I stand here alone

Divided soul

Divided life

Love throbbing, now cold.

“Why is this so?” I scream

All you respond is, “I am the Dead.”


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