All is well

All is well, 

Breath shortened, chest tight, 

Surroundings looks how velcro feels.

Could easily pick a fight, 

To make the one inside my head feel more real.


Everything's perfect,

Just ignore all the yelling going on behind my skin,

The panic seeping out through my pores.

How do they not see the overwhelming pain I'm in?  

I only let it reflect upon my face behind shut doors. 


I'm doing great,

Prescribed emotions and portioned pain. 

Heavily medicated as the oval-shaped numbness lingers. 

Could count the people I can talk to on one hand,

If that hand only had one finger. 


Feeling just peachy, 

As the leather couch writes down my response, 

knowing how to play the game is key.

Dr. says popping the Prozac will fix me right up, 

But this medicine can't bring back what my head stole from me. 

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