All At Once

I have no grip to the ground on this earth
The rubber on the soles of my shoes is worn down
Nothing ties me down to the trees
To the dying flowers
To the muddy grass
And gravity is nothing more than a nuisance
It tries to give me a reason to stay
It pierces through my feet like needles and stitches me to the concrete
Like a mediocre piece of art
Escape attempts from this place
Futile and
I scream the words to my favorite songs
Hoping that maybe this will suck the life
From the everlasting sting in my chest
My voice sinks to a hiss by sundown
I can't speak above a whisper
My toothy grin drowns out my desire to sleep with my head beneath the covers
Every scar I veil begs to differ with the laugh in my throat
My facade is wearing thin
Just when I think I'm getting better
The sky fogs
The wind picks up
And the rain
I'll just lie in the dark
With nothing
No one
Except for the goosebumps on my arms
Just when I think I'm getting better
Their eyes avert
Their voices fade
Their body heat turns cold
They're gone
I'm alone
My mind glitches
And yells
And screams
But I'll stare straight ahead
With my lips pinned tightly together
Not a sound
Until everything comes down
All at once

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wow this is absolutely amazing writing

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