All I've Lost

Hate never silenced her words
And compliments never brought about change
All she ever did was binge and purge
But her mind remained tainted and strange

Different from the others
Yes, it's what she had planned
That reaching out attempts were smothered
So she could not make a stand

She will make her perfect
Or so she taught her to believe
That calories and a flat stomach
Would make her worth something

Diet pills here, laxatives taken there
And soon a stomach grumbling meant cheering.
200 calories was the limit, any more she would not dare
For fear that her peers would be watching and jeering

Her parents worried. her siblings cried
But nothing could stop her, not even herself
She was ready to be skinny, not care if she died
For no one could ever understand how she could be helped

It wasn't until a long time after
When she realized who the enemy truly was
And fought for her happiness and laughter
The girl who was thought to be lost

In the end, she made it and stopped listening
To the negative, evil side
And finally started living
No longer afraid and no longer cried


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