All That I Was

I was the shattered glass laying on the floor,

until you swept me up and built me into something more.

I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans, 

and you stitched me up along the seams.

I felt alone and was left to die,

then you came to wipe the tears I cry.

I was hell caving in,

you were an angel diminishing my sins.

I was a dandelion competing with a rose,

yet still it was me you chose.

I was a soul, poisoned and unsure,

but against my toxins, you were my cure.

I was the rough white on a dull canvas,

then you added caligraphy to impress. 

I was the scratching sound of a broken vinyl,

you reassured me that's what made the record final.

I was a girl in the middle of a battlefield,

and you never even thought to yield. 

I was bloody, broken, and bruised, 

but you loved me like you had nothing to lose. 

I was a story, oh, so tragic, 

until you rewrote it into blissful magic.

I was a speck gone in a gust,

you thought that chasing me was a must;

I took a bullet wound to my head, 

then you healed the wounds that bled.

I had scars upon my wrist,

but you took away the pain of the skin you kissed;

I say things I don't mean and you call my bluff,

still, I can't believe you love all of that stuff. 

I have a way of turning sun into rain,

but in that, you dance and find no pain;

Even when I try to push you away,

You tell me that you'll always stay.

Although my tongue is as sharp as a knife,

you had no fear running into my life --

While you're no longer on this earth,

you still helped me see all of my self-worth. 


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