All I Need

What can't I live without?

My phone, my dog,

endless possibilities. 

All things that make me happy,

none that fulfill my answer.

Laying under the stars, I think,

I cant live without...Love.

Love is all I need to be happy.

I look at myself in the mirror with one goal,

to love myself. 

As I go about my day, I see my friends,

my teachers, my classmates,

Love has endless possibilities.

Once I learn to love others as much as I love material things,

I may be happy.

I strive to feel love that I can hold,

never a love that will last me forever.

I dont need love from a temporary person,

only love for myself.

Thats my goal.

As I think of things I cant live without,

I realize that I cant live without my love.

I thank God for my life: healthy and happy,

My Love For God.

I cant live without it.

A love, unconditional and never ending.

As I think of all that I have, I know one thing:

Love in all aspects of my life is important.

Love is one thing that I share with everyone.

Love is all I need.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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