All Fall Short

To the serious seeker
To the late night watcher of a double feature
Each of us is responsible to a holy God
We can either receive or reject
I bet your sorry that we met
But no one is perfect except for the Lord
Many of us stumble at his word
Yet it all comes down to what he did on the cross
this was never meant to be a tragic loss
Our flesh hates the things of God
Wants to instead serve sin, self & Satan
It's not a one time shopping event at your local seven eleven
It's all based upon a cross
Jesus Christ died 2, ooo years ago
on the cross for all the world to see
What was his prayer what was his final plea
Father please forgive them for they know not what they do
He said the prayer now the rest is up to you
Just like after 911 we all need to come together
Until you walk in another persons shoes you have no right to sing the blues...
God is faithful to his call such as a boy with a bat and ball
Hitting it across the street at the mall
Sin is actions in which humans rebel against God
Miss their true purpose for their lives
Surrendering instead to the prince of the air more then God cause all their deeds were evil
We all fall short of the glory of God
Take some time out to smell the roses
Everyday is a gift a new start to begin again
Learn to take it one day at a time
You can't find it in the clouds or even a sign
Start to really love each other brother
No one is perfect except for the Lord
Even the best it bound to fall
So you are seeking inspiration just look around you
Heal the hurts & wounds that bind you
Learn from each of your mistakes
Choose to keep your head up & walk by faith
In time you will shine
Stop worrying and bringing yourself down
Don't ever wear your head down in a frown
We all make mistakes in this great game of life
Crisis maybe an opportunity to change
Live your life the best way you can
Look to the man who died for you with a plan
Faces your fears with sweet angelic tears

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