Tue, 07/15/2014 - 17:28 -- avollea

have you never marveled

at you being simply alive?

to breathe in the crisp morning air,

hear your heart go

thump thump thump

as the wind

blasts in your face,

breathe in out one two three four five six seven eight

as you run;

the fire in your fingertips

and the passion in your core

when you just know

that your dream is becoming reality;

to taste happiness again,


to savor colors and smells and sounds,

glory in the touch of the sun

on your skin,

or laugh until you cry

and your stomach aches with cramps,

but still you keel over laughing;

and to crow with triumph

at this beautiful sensation

of being free,

free and


just alive.

i’m alive.

i’m alive and i

just want to sit here

and revel in

this wonderful sensation.


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