Alicia's Song

Our friendship is a strong wall
Through the storm and through the pain
Still our friendship will remain
Whether we’re together or 100 miles apart
We’ll always be close within our hearts
We both have our differences
We’re not completely the same
For example, you’re normal
While I’m completely insane
And yet you like me anyway
No matter how much I feel pain
You’re there
To help me through the heartache
I hope things are always this way
Remaining close to the end of our days
You’re there for me
And I’m there for you too
So Alicia, this song is for you
Built from the ground up
Our friendship is a fortress
It’s like a storybook
It stands through all the plot twists
When everything comes crashing down
Our friendship will still
Be hanging around
I thought we were drifting apart
And that really broke my heart
But instead we became
Closer than before
I think there are good things in store


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