I was lost in some kind of fantasy. The trees danced around me and my flowing blue dress. I entwined myself in the branches, dancing along to their imaginary tune. I was alone, but I wasn't lonely. Traveling through this mystical forest, I've found more peace and love than what most people would consider normal. My name is Alice. I was far from normal and far from home, but was I truly lost?


The sky was a heavenly white frosted with wispy clouds of fiery red. I brushed my hand against the sky in awe. Where is this place? How did I get here? Do I have cell service here?  I stopped in my tracks and listened closely to the sounds of the forest. Maybe there were creatures or other forms of life here, but there was only dead silence. No society? Does this mean no judgement? No. The trees were living and active and always watching. They showed me the ways of that world and how to embrace it. 


The trees would blacken and the sky would burn with every mistake and misunderstanding. Every branch gripped me tight and carried me to the beautiful parallel violet ponds I loved to swim in everyday. The quiet ponds became violent as I took desperate strokes to survive nature's wrath. Every mistake, big or small, I was practically drowned in the most beautiful body of water I've ever seen. It wouldn't have been the best way to go, but would it have been the worst? 


The last thing I remember is closing my eyes to nap near the pond. Now I find myself sprawled out on the side of a city street, unrecognizable to me. Where is this place? How did I get here? Do I have cell service here? My name is Alice. I am far from normal and I am far from home, but am I truly lost?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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