Ajax by Sophocles

The most distinguishable coat,

The Coat of Many Colors

The brothers of Joseph knew it

And of course it was admired.

Perhaps they enjoyed it too much.

Injured, but not dead, Joseph lived.


Now another story,

The brave who drips envy.

Not unlike the brothers,

His overwhelming rage,

Ajax the strongest man,

Was lost when he saw it,

Achilles’s Armor,

Shining, invincible.

Clever Odysseus

Swiped it from our hero.


Ajax had no choice.

Thief Odysseus

Would be killed that night.

But oh Athena!

You wicked goddess!

You saved that bandit.



What has he done?

What has he tried?

To kill his friend?

He had no place.

He was ashamed

He took his sword

And buried it,

Blade towards himself

And fell forward.

He was alone.

He cursed himself

And cursed his home

But Odysseus forgave


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