8 years old                                                                                                          

We're told 

The man in red is real 

and the tooth fairy never lost its appeal 

And we believed them. 

8 years old 

We're told 

Imagination is everything 

So, wear you crown like queens and kings 

And we believed them 

8 years old 

We're told 

That anything is possible 

With faith trust and pixie dust 

And we believed them 

We believed the lies they told 

And then 8 years later 

We realized that our house doesn’t have a chimney 

The tooth fairy was just Disney 

We realized 

Our imagination has its limits 

And that crown became a noose 

So, we lost faith 

And when they told us again 

“You can be anything you wish to be” 

We did not believe them. 




This poem is about: 
Our world



Wow, this is amazing! It took a deeper turn than I expected, and it's so real... and accurate. Well done!

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