I remember the one phrase I used to tell myself all the time.

“Man, I wish I was a grown up.

Adults get to do whatever they want, it would be so cool”

But what is cool about

Taxes, jobs, having to do your own laundry,

Periods, the news, and heartbreak?

What’s so fun about being an adult?


I remember thinking that I would have a boyfriend;

Nothing bad would happen.

Suddenly I removed the rose colored glasses

And realized that adult life isn’t so simple.


There are fights that leave wounds that never heal.

There are relationships that fall apart,

Expenses you can’t paid, days of worry.

But the culmination of hiding all of that

Makes it seem like adulthood is amazing.


As children we don’t think about how adults are trying to have fun.

Even with the pain and worry that drives everyday life.

Kids don’t realize that time isn’t infinite,

And we are slowly slipping away while

We grasp for one more moment.

Children don’t realize that adults are taken by time;

Hoping that they have a moment to spare to act carefree again.

And I only realized this when I starting growing up.


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