Come in this life fresh and new,

Once that legal age,

You’ll never look back.


Feel the same,

Think the same,

Don’t look any different.


You know it,

Everyone knows it.

Government knows it.

You are of the age, the prime, and the new.


Taxes, jury, bills, loans, jobs, stress, payments.

Never thought it would be like this,



In innocent and protected,

Come out scratched, clawed, and put down.

Smacks you in the face,

“Dose of Reality,” some say.


Cap and gown thrown away,

Four years to prepare for what they say,

“The rest of your life.”



Where’s the class for credit?

Where’s the class for unemployment?

Where’s the class for taxes?


Material things become useless possessions.

Need vs. Want,

Sacrifice vs. Keep,

Survival of the Fittest.

Some see it before the government does.


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