Adolescence is only

but a piece in my puzzle

Its reminiscence

cascade in parts that portray

the whole image

Appearing in glossy

bent forms,

But my experiences

are only components of my


My choices and decisions

are made only to learn

and develop from them

The individual components

don’t label me

because a single piece cannot

be individually pinpointed

nor distinguished

But, instead, link

in unification

to create the picture,

They are only parts

that make the whole

and build upon

who I am,

But I know passing day

it will change

My life encourages growth


I remember that

Adolescence is only

but a piece in my puzzle

And I have a lot more growing

before I can see the

entire picture



This poem really expresses how I feel about my identity. From all of the experiences -good and bad- in my life, I know that a single choice or decision doesn't define my character. I take what was happened to be a better person. This poem truly was a piece of my inner thoughts. My favourite part of this poem was that I had the opportunity to let others know that I am not defined by my past. I'm human and am still developing into the adult that I want to be.

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