My life choices are "Selections" that are just "Reflections" of my ADHDs over "Erections", So please educate yourself before our "Disconnection", Your common sense is our self-"Deception", My minds is so unique it needs your "Protection", My mind Races so fast Brain has to store our thoughts in "Collections", Why else would we ask randon questions yrs later just to "Mention", Our mind & heart functions as one like the "United Nation", and thats just our brains "Foundation", Just remember there's more myths then reality about ADHD and that's the "Misconception", Parents you have "No Excuses", You must find the right"Solution" We didn't wire our mind with faulty "Fuses", Your normals to us are just "Useless", and we detention there's just no need for verbal "Abuses" , and like Dr Science will tell you sometime we are the "Exception", Eye contact is all you need to get our "Attention", Our emotional distress as kids turn to our adult "Abomination" ,Your lack of understanding is a hurtful to our "Perception" and dictates your "Rejection"

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world




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