An Addictive Sin

Suffering for years before

taking every insult in full

Sobbing, Screaming

From The Pain

Finally found a way

 to send the agony away

that awaits me with each passing day

Drain It in the form of blood

dripping, dripping

down my arm 

dripping, dripping

from my legs

I Have Finally Seen A Way

To A Bearable Life Again



No One Understands,

Why I Love It So

“Cutter!” They Yell In The Hall

Pushing, Pulling Throwing me into walls

Such An Addictive Sin

Only If They Had My Life

They Would Know My Losing Fight



But The Only One Who Sees The Scars

Would Care If I Died

Tries To Stop My Only Joy

Tries To Take My Light

Why Cant You See My Dear

You Cant Fix Me Now 

Im Far To Broken

Far To Gone

To Be Normal Again

Even As You Try



You May Say I Have No Problems

That Is For Attention

Whe Truth Be Told

I Would Rather Fade Into The Wall

Then Take One More Day In This Dimension

Jet Let Me Go

Leave Me Be

Just Let Me Have My Moment Of Piece 

With Just A Razor, Blood, And Me.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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