Mental stabiliy is invisible to the eye of one's emotions when they run so dry.

Don't cry for the hurt, the lost, or the mislead.

 Just understand that we must feed our desire to want and need to feel hurt, pain from the words we speak inside our brains telling ourselves as one we are never to stand again.

 Yet day in and out we get up and beat ourselves to every punch you may think you have.

Look inside that mirror of souls.

Do you see the monster that your lover fears?The monster that feeds off pain that you give it.

Now come close but not to close because you never know when your mirror of souls will show that monster of pain.

Don't judge us by what we cannot control.

We love it, need it, breath it, adore it, live by it.

Mantra: All pain and gain some aim.

Our mind is saying enough. Enjoy the good, let the dogs rest, but yet the pain regains the emotional distress and wins the race that wasn't being run.

Bringing shock waves of enjoyment and fufullment yet that piece of nothing which will never let you be.

Pain is the life choice of this.

All pain and gain some aim. 



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