Act Your Part

The sound of his breath loud
The springs of the bed squeak
The tear rolling down my face
Just the rhythm of my heart beat
The memories come flying back
I never thought I'd feel like this
He held my hand called me his babe
And it started with a little kiss
They tell you love is forever
And you know it happens when it will
But then never tell you love is painful
When the man is lookin' for the kill
He brought me flowers and wine
Told me it'd be the best
But when I told him to stop
He slammed his fist down on my chest
You think you can fight it
Tae Kwon Do for four years
You're a man, tell him no
But "yes baby" is all he hears
He got up, got dressed, smiled
Said "thanks, man, you're the best"
If I was a woman would I be fine?
Or is he a monster for either sex?
You never know how you'll act
Until on that stage you spill your heart
But as the lights dim and the curtains fall
You wonder, 'Was it worth it, for a part?'



Confessions of "earning" my lead role.

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