Accommodating & Aftermath

I know it's not right,

Know it's not fair,

Make a decision,

Don't seem to wear.


Consider myself a good soul,

Liked by all,

Friendships a many,

Often the last to call.


Life always this way,

Serve to please,

Disregard inner workings,

External plea's.


Failing to speak up,

Accommodating to you,

Hide ones crying tears,

Smiling for the crew.


Resentment fuels,

An angry,


Exhausting kind. 


Never get anywhere,

Just too kind,

Life can't continue this way,

What else to do?


Frozen between, whats right,


Lobotomy calling,

Transplant needed.


Desires a fool,

This suffocating mess,

Created this self abandonement,

Up to me, get out of this state.


Saying 'no',

Start of the journey,

Assetive and strong,

Just has to be. 



Tiredness of Pain,

Modelling destructive habits,

Close to breaking. 


Move away, from dsyfunctionality,

Invisble barriers, around me,

Break out,

Burn the embers of solitary.


Mentors have come,

Fallen at my feet,

When the student is ready,

Teacher will show to thee.


Starting again,

Morals and word education for me,

Discipline & Graft,

Ahead of thee.


Property, presenting, 

Event a sting of poetry,

Turning my life around,

Monumentally, gradually. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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