Acceptation Rejection


Anyone can handle being accepted,
But how will you or me accept rejection.
Some find it saddening,
While others find it frustrating.
When you feel strongly about someone,
You just cant let it be.
Then the time comes and she lets her
emotions free,
Now its the moment of truth.
he has her hanging on every emotion that
he creates,
Now her heart is taken from the clouds as he
tells her it wasn't meant to be,
And her heart is crushed by a million words.
Depression comes and pulls her from reality
and shows her the real world,
With hate and violence . . . that she never seen
Her determination has blinded her from the
world that she lived in,
And she starts to cry.
shes at rock bottom and contemplating
suicide, And seeing her life flash before her eyes.
The gun is in her hand no one will notice shes
gone until its to late,
The life she could have had is fading fast and
getting darker.
The pain is all over no more rejection,
The fight to be notice so bad is won by her.
shes on the news the next day and a week
later at her funeral,
Looking from above she see that the guy that
turned her down.
he is crying and wondering what pushed her 
to the edge of death,
But if he only knew how much she loved him.


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