Acceptance before death


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How does one see themselves as less than a human?
Do we not bleed the same blood?
Do we not walk the same earth?
Is there such a thing as acceptance?
Acceptance before death.
Something that does not seem to exist in such a place.
Slowly children fall.
Daughters, sons, cousins, friends.
One by one they all wither away.
Was it a mistake?
Was it a choice?
If we could speak one more time would you let me hear?
What is the problem my dear?
Acceptance before death.
There is not such a thing.
But do not give up.
Do not take the easy way out.
Do not be just another child falling down.
Spread your wings and prove them all wrong.
Acceptance before death.
Something you do not tend to see.
We all bleed the same blood.
We walk the same earth.
Show them they are wrong.
Acceptance is what they need.
Acceptance before death will set you free.


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