Not all things are as easy as they seem,

A country of love, home of the brave, land of the free,

But that's not entirely true, in fact it's a good bit false,

We claim to love each other but it's not the right cause,

People are different and no one's the same,

If someone's born in the wrong body, they're not to blame.

Some are bullied and put down for their choices,

Strangling their opinions until you can't hear their voices,

They are who they are and there's no need for change,

There's nothing wrong with them, hell, everyone's a bit strange.

And who are you to judge someone for who they love?

You're not the all knowing God who some believe is above.

Nothing is more infuriating than hearing "queer", "fag", and "gay",

Some people have to hear things like that everyday.

It's not right to judge someone for who they want to be,

The normal isn't the lock and your words aren't the key,

The hatred people hold for those trans*, gay, bi, or questioning,

Makes me wonder if it's all really necessary.

Hatred for a fellow man puts the world in a dark place,

Before you judge someone look at your own face.

If those words rained down and stabbed at your deepest fears,

Would you still call that other boy queer?

There's nothing wrong about being who you are,

Ignore the hatred and don't leave another scar.

What matters to me most in the world is being accepted,

For being who you are doesn't make you rejected.

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