Accept All Her Flaws.

The Pink Bows wrapped in my Hair.

The Carefree Smile I chose Wear.

The Dresses, The Heels, the Jewerly Too.

The Girl, they Thought, Only if they Knew.


Ten Years Later, The Bows Have Disappeard.

The Judgements, The Sneers, Something She Feared.

The Make-up, the Jewerly, the Fancy Clothes,

If only Someone truly knows.


Five Years Later, High School Finished.

Her Dreams, Goals, All Have Diminished.

Her Life, Her Choices, She never Wanted.

The People, Their Expectations, Made Her feel Haunted.


The Girl, They thought, If only they Knew.

The Feelings she had, The Things she wanted to Do.

The Girl, They thought, The girl they Saw.

If only they Execepted All Her Flaws.


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