Above the Clouds

Someday the distance between us will be gone.

Someday I will see your smile.
Someday I will hear your laugh.
Someday I will feel the softness of your skin.
Someday I will smell the sweetness of your hair. 
Someday I will hold you in my arms. 
One day time will not exist.
One day we will last forever.
One day we will never have to say goodbye.
One day we will be able to walk without worrying about coming home.
One day we will be able to talk endlessly without rushing.
One day everything will be as it should.
But right now you wait for me.
Right now you walk around finding secret places to bring me.
Right now you look for things to show me.
Right now you think of stories to share with me.
Right now you imagine being with me.
Right now you are alone.
And so am I. 
I am here.
And you are there.
 I sent you away. 
I allowed the world to tell me I was not ready for you. 
I convinced myself that it was only right...
But I only ended up taking your life.
My baby in heaven above,
Please forgive your mother and accept my love.
You are always a piece of me,
Trust and believe that I am in agony.
When the days comes for my soul to rest,
Only then will this pain be lifted from my chest.
That is when Someday will begin and Time will never end.
That is the day we will meet again.


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