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It was all fun at first,
Every kiss, every touch.
Expressing your "love"
With kisses and such.
But he wanted more
And who were you to deny?
You gave into temptation
And decided to try.
He said the sweetest things
To get you in bed,
But all of those false promises
Went straight to your head.
You're happy, he's happy,
And all is going well
Until your period is late
And you have big news to tell.
You tell him you took the test and you passed,
But he wants no part in this pregnancy.
He's angry now, and he breaks up with you
And leaves you alone... with a baby.

You're young...
Still in high school
And money is tight.
Trying to convince yourself
That you'll be alright.
But then you start thinking,
"If I keep this child,
I'll probably end up
Homeless for a while."
You still want to party
And hang out with friends;
You're not ready to be a parent
Because all the fun will end.
At last, abortion
Crosses your mind.
It's the only way out
That you're able to find.
But life or death of the baby
Should not be your own choice.
Although it's not talking,
It still has a voice.

We all have to make them,
But don't think too fast.
This choice that you make
Will forever last.
What if this child
Grows up to be a star?
The president, or famous?
This choice is bizarre.
Don't do it, save a life.
Let this baby live.
If you kill it today,
Yourself will you forgive?
You're scared and afraid
So you decide to do it.
It's over in minutes,
And your family is clueless.
But alas, a life was lost.
Your mind now distorted,
For you chose the wrong choice
And the poor baby is...



This is just a poem that shares a negative view of abortion.

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