The ABC's of a Wrong Love


Anger and the anguish
Bitter of bittersweet
Cold is perhaps a synonym to caring
Darkness where daylight was
Epitaph following the eulogy 
Fear for the fearless
Gumption does not reward the good
Hate does not benefit the heartless
Insensitive only because I am rather idealist
Justified actions maybe in juxtaposition only
Kindhearted we may have been keepers yet
Lonely among the lively
More miserable than Monday morning
Never enough for the nerves
Obscure and opposed to change maybe
Pleasing everyone despite the pain
Quiet and quivering with more than the cold
Restless and reminiscent of better days
Sentimentally saddened by sorrow 
Terrorized by our own tears
Uplifted and momentarily uncertain
Vain yet somehow victimized
Wronged by the wonderful 
Xenophobic and xeroxable 
Yearning for stronger youth
Zealous before the zero


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