Our skin is not as white as snow
Does this make us worthless?
A lot of us grew up in single parent homes
Does this make us inadequate?
We commit the same crimes
But why do we only get the life sentences?
We are dying in the streets everyday
So why can’t I be angry?
You all yell black on black crime
But there’s a white man alive after his killing spree
There’s a mass genocide happening in these streets
And it seems like every person of color
Is listed on the dead pool sheets
Your wearing your rose colored glasses
Yelling “Racism doesn’t exist”
And “maybe they wouldn’t kill you
If you didn’t always resist”
Well I’m sorry to break it to you
But Black Lives Matter
Because as of lately when we walk through the streets
All we see is our peoples blood splatter
Now nobody is saying that you aren’t important
And that we want you to cease to exist
We don’t want to slit your throats
And hang you all up by your wrists
All we want is recognition
That you care about people of color
And admit that if all of us disappeared
The world would only get duller
But I digress, because this situation remains tragic
However, no matter what you need to remember
That we are real AND we are magic

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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