3 Boys Who Taught Me What A Kiss Could Do


  • Two: You took me in, you captivated me with your bad boy persona. I loved the way you would hurt my emotions, and make me come crawling back for the same pain. You loved me you said, I captivated your mind. Now you kiss the girl down the hall and she is stuck in the same trap, I'm glad I'm not blind,
  • Five; You showed me a new aspect of life, and in return I showed you one too. You showed me that love was a obsession, a desire that is so hard to escape you would go to end of the world to met. I showed you how to break heart and to only have one escape. I apologize that the kiss we shared was so toxic we both were sick minded.
  • Seven . Your kiss was like a band-aid at the time, although it seemed like a fairytale we wrote with our lips, it was really just disguising the pain i wouldn't admit to and the lust wouldn't hold back, you were a kiss I wish I could always take back.


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