I have this vision of myself at 24.

Locked hair, maybe a tattoo.

In outstanding health and shape. Cooking in my underwear and a tank top.

Cooking something healthy like asparagus and salmon.


And in walks this man.

This fleshy substance that happens to be the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

He exudes strength but gentleness.

He is smiling.

He is smiling at me.

He is actually happy that I am here.

He walks over to me.

Grabs my face and plants a kiss on my forehead.

He looks into my eyes and whispers something that makes us laugh.

Laughs from our diaphragm. I do not cover my mouth.

We are bare.

We are bare souls.

I am on a cloud of realism.

I accept my imperfections. Allowing me to accept his.

We continue to laugh.

My soul radiates energy.

We are one.

I kiss his shoulder.

We are in silence.

Our souls are talking now and we are just listening.  


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