They say it isn't special,

Then expect you to have it all together.

They say it isn't some magic thing that happens overnight,

Then expect you to pay for college.

They say you won't change,

But you will.

They say it is the best time of your life,

But it's not.

They want you to be an adult,

But they treat you like you're five.

They want you to be educated,

But they are not.

They want you to say the right things,

But you weren't taught what to say.

They want you to be creative and imagine things,

Then they tell you to stop daydreaming.

They want you to stay little forever,

But then you grow up.

You want to play,

But they make you work two jobs.

You have no idea what you're doing,

But they expect you to have the answers.

You just want things to be the same,

And then you turn 18.


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