13 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with You: Part Twelve

Number Twelve
We did not immediately start out being close; 
we were at first merely great friends that got along very well
despite our differences.
You were someone I had faith in, 
someone who I could trust, 
and it was you I turned to, among all people, 
for school-related problems, and pretty soon, 
I was turning to you whenever I had something to say 
and had no other to say it to. 
It didn't stop there. 
I always got butterflies whenever you walked into class, 
and in the midst of a crowd 
and a bustle of activity, 
I'd try to find your tall, sturdy figure, 
and when I do, 
I'd find you looking at me, too, 
and it often seemed as if time stopped just for us. 


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