13 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with You: Part One

Number One:

I seem to have this uncanny ability to notice habits, and even though I try not to care, I still do, and such an ability is sometimes a pain, but I've always always always noticed your wavy brown hair. How, unlike most guys, you keep it longer than usual, and I'm not too sure why, but I love that trait about you. I love how your hair is matted after a shower, in an almost close shade of black, and how you don't give a care in the world about it. I love how unruly it is when we wake up in the morning, watching you yawn and blink, combing your fingers through your hair. I love how a lock always falls into your eyes, no matter what you do. How you absentmindedly brush it away, only for it to fall back in place again. I love watching you battle, how it makes my heart swell with affection for no good reason whatsoever. 


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