The President Lies

The President lies
A poor person cries
In his hair he has white
As his lies fill the night.

Don't tell me no lies
'Cause I hear the cries
Of the needy, the poor,
The disabled and sure.

Who are you to say
To a bill yes or nay?
Who do you think you are
You who come from afar?

You lied from the start
You were like a fart.
Sounds great at first
Smells like crap in the end.

You may sound good
You may look great
But I'm not falling
For your pile of poo.

I scrape people like you
Off the bottom of my shoe.
So good night to you
Good night to your poo.

Copyright From A Poet's Heart

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


Jenna Lynn Williams

Barack Obama was on TV with a speech and this was inspired by that. Everyone has their right to an opinion, and this was mine. Yes, I voted for Barack Obama. No, i was not happy with his performance as a president.

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