11 Years

I look back to my youth
My pride, joy, confidence
Like a bullet proof suit
Now I stay in the confines of my room
Walls containing my pain
But when, when did it all change
Up until 11
Every year is was in a play
From Shakespeare to musicals
I sang and danced in front of my friends, peers, anyone who would listen
Now I am the one who listens
Never to lead
My confidence once a fiery passion has neglected to glisten
Up until 11
I wanted to be a rockstar
My songs all about my joy
Lyrics reading the sunshine hitting my skin creating a blissful grin
Now those happy lirics have fallen ill
That sunny disposition is since gone
The day is over and the night has come
And lucky for you
There is a full moon
Up until 11
I was a kid
I was pure
But what, what caused it all to change
It seems that the simple answer is middle school
I fought so hard for a spot with the elite
But I was book smart, a nerd or geek
Kids laughed and danced around me like I was a circus freak
They called me ugly and fat
Threatened to fight me
But I would never fight back
I had no crowd
I was too quite my personality too meak
Those students sucked the sunshine out of me
My youthful eyes gained bags
I couldn't sleep anymore
All night was spent worrying about what they would do next
Life became just another chore
Up until 11
I had a youthful glow
Now, I have felt pain
And gained maturity
I have had my glow-up

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