10 Rules To Avoid Getting Hurt


Rule number one of not getting hurt.

Know that they will not stay, so never actually become close to them. Tell the shallow secrets from the second layer of the tragic background you hold. Never let them in past that point. They will shatter you and scatter the broken pieces around in places you will never find.


Rule number two.

Everything is replaceable. This includes you, so include them as well. Replace them before they can replace you and strip you of your fake self confidence that they think is real because you followed rule number one.


Rule number three.

Act like you don't care! What better way to weed out the weak than by removing those who are as early hurt and vulnerable as you! If you don't care and they don't care, no one gets hurt in the end!


Rule number four.

Do not introduce them to your other friends. The last thing you need is your less informed friends to break these ten easy rules and get attached to the friend you'll end up replacing. The ones you have have already passed the weeding out, give them time before emotionally traumatizing them.


Rule number five.

Do. Not. Date. Them. Highlight it in this section so you are not tempted. Shit, don't date anyone. It leads to emotional ties, which in the end, will shatter you into the jaded person you're pretending to be.


Rule number six.

Turn off your phone at night. Do not try to answer the calls or texts of anyone who is drunk, high, or emotional. You will become invested in their problems and die.


Rule number seven.

Avoid hanging out with them. Having fun means you'll like them, and that leads to the tightrope of giving a fuck about them.


Rule number eight.

Everyone is out to hurt you, hurt them first.


Rule number nine.

Isolate yourself. You can't get hurt if no one can get to you. Build walls so high, the skies are jealous. Let no one in. They will hurt you.


Rule number ten.

They're going to hurt you. God, they are going to hurt you. It will burn and it will sting and you can't run from it. All you can hope is that someone can fix it.



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