…..Silent Monsters Inside Me

Every morning 5 days of the week 180 days out of a year more specifically 75,600 minutes I wake-up to a bright blue sky,birds singing and roosters making the sound "cock-a-doodle-doo". Every morning on these 5 days of the week out of 180 days of a year I run through my house get dressed,brush my hair and teeth to get ready to go to the place you call “school” ,but to me this is my place of judgment. Finally I’m all done getting dressed .Finally I’m ready for more judgement. What is it today is it the way I look or they way I talk.
What is it today I shall ask again.

My heart starts racing so quickly it almost feels as if it’s convulsing when in reality it's not convulsing.
”you silly goose they don’t care about you”
“It’s all in your head”
…..Well that’s what they say everyday.Am I crazy? Or maybe I’m just delirious who knows this is just one of the many silent monsters inside me since age 5 telling me all of
these fictional things.

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