“i am my streets"



a poke a prick

a slit a wrist
an in an inject 
we need an exit
the past hurts
the now is set
the now is setting
my future to rest 
blood shall spill
streets shall irrigate 
the smell of decay
the sounds of doomsday
echoes in my ear 
voices of paranoia 
screams and screeches
the image is bleak
a hopeless thought 
of a mindful man
a homeless walk
for a senseless man
a man with blood 
much blood on his hands
a man without eyes
and yet he would stand
who alone would speak 
of a senseless plan 
there is only death 
at the hands of a man
and he spoke the words
written all over his hands
“i am as are we, we are
as all one, and as we are
we all shall die, the next day
that is of days, has come 
to arise, risen has he 
the devil in eye, an eye for an i
i am as are we, poison in sight
i cut out my eyes, the devil in eye 
be the devil in me
i am one man, i am my streets”
-leo will 
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