“A Foreigner’s point of view”

Oh America, where are You heading?

Are You welcoming the refugees?

Although You used to, now you’re not willing

To help those special people in need.


Looking at You from the Old Continent

I have learned what the LIBERTY is,


The main democratic foundations.


Now, that You’re heading a little backwards,

I do not really know what to think.

You are not longer a good example

Of a really good democracy.


You’re not welcoming as you used to be,

You don’t fully respect LGBTQ,

You’re against people of color again,

Like in the 50s – shame on You.


Speaking from the Foreigner’s point of view:


You should try to be more like the EU –

Opened towards the minorities,

Respecting both sides of the relations,

Helping the people who are in need.


Don’t get me wrong; I don’t blame the people,

I do blame politicians instead –

They’re responsible for all the bad

That happens nationwide and abroad.


So my advise for You, America,

Is voting wise in the elections.

Don’t let anyone start any conflicts

Within the country ever again.


You must know, that You have a lot to lose –

Your constitution and great people.

Don’t let politicians take it from you;

If you do, you’ll regret it in the end.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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