Stereotype that hurts me&


Stereotype that hurts me


This is the evil part
from me and my heart

from the start when I saw them
I mean
I knew what to do
knew where to go
knew who to call

before everything happens, AGAIN.

Beyond that thing
beyond that black hair
trouble in the air
ain’t no gonna show
I grown flowing no flying
why everybody cannot be like me?

why do they have to inhale these things

But, why I am providing them?

there are things that I am selling
but everyone is buying
since that moment
they were there, buying it
while everybody went out.
I was freak out, I knew anything good will occur
memories, repeats and repeats
in my head, watching his face
when I was robbed in a mexican place.

Calling my son with his friends
and whose have some guns
shrill calls.
Putting them in the floor,
visceral image it’s gone
God!! I ain’t no dying
my heart ain’t breaking like this.


Respect! This is our world

It’s forbidden for you to get there.
Mine for the selling,
mine for taking,
mine for scraping,
mine for this taping,

mine to not get any police oficer there,

got it?

And nobody from THAT side
can really spitting in my zone
Just get it.

Feel the blame
feel the shame
with this claim, discarded idea
I’m like the wind
that chime the air.
I do not need breeze
get it to me.

These things I see
these things I appease
this disdain.
I stay in the play, staying the same
through everyday
the same way, the same flame , same me.
It will be complete on my way
NEVER come back
to this side of the track

Go back to your mexican trash

In that part I just woke up
another nightmare toke over me, remembering how bad it was crossing the border.

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